Before I say goodbye to fall and hello to winter!

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Winter is coming so fast! I can't believe I have been blogging for three weeks now! How exciting is that?!!! #Butfirst, before I say goodbye to fall and hello to winter, I would like to share one more of my summer to fall transition go to outfit with you for the last time this year. For some of you in a not-so-cold weather state or country, you can still wear this whole or part of this look. So let's begin.
Styling this cute boho printed dress from Abercrombie and Fitch which is on sale now for $34, how awesome is that?! Matching it with this faux leather open jacket form Bar III which is being retailed at Macy's. Finishing this chic and egdy look with this leather booties from TOMS (product link is in my previous post), scarf to keep me warm (you saw this scarf a lot, isn't it obvious? It's my favorite thus far), Bebe purse and this cute necklace from Charlotte Russe. Perfect outfit for coffee date with your bff!

Goodbye fall!(insert a sad face emoji here) Hello winter! (insert a really sad emoji here)

Saying goodbye to something or someone you really love is so hard but that's life! When you say goodbye to something, that means you also say hello to something good. However, in this case, winter is not really so good to me lol! I hate the snow!!! But I still want to stay positive. Snow means we can make snowball and play with our kids, go sledding with our kids, go snowboarding with our kids, wait what? Last time we went snowboarding, it did not go well at all. We walked the walk of shame from the top of the Bunny hill, down to the lodge (if you're curious why it didn't go well. It's embarrassing!!! But my husband and I just laugh about it every time! Hmmmm..learn ice skating maybe? I will literally break a leg, and with that I meant my legs uggghhh!!! I'm not a snow person but at least I try before I say "no it won't work!" Oh well...

Remember: You don't need to be a model to walk the runway. You are the runway! All you need is confidence and a killer outfit to strut a mile in some stylish shoes!

What fun activity do you do with your family in the winter? Leave a comment below. Let's collaborate or just say Hi!

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