How to style classic and still look chic

Hello Lovies!!! I feel like it's been forever since I introduced the Petitesole Kids! Time flies so fast, it's almost the end of January. Can we freeze time??? Pretty please!!!??? No? Uggghhh!!! Ok fine!

Anyway, today I would like to introduce to you one of the awesome fashion bloggers that I met in one of the blogger's community that I am a part of.  Lovies, meet Amrita from Portland, OR! She is so young looking, gorgeous, amazing, and beautiful woman, you would never guess how old she is. When she told me how old she was, I was like, get out of town!!! At the back of my mind I thought, what's her beauty secret? I think I should've asked her to write about her beauty routine on how to look young in your late --'s? Uh-Uh!!! I ain't telling you her age. You should go follow her to get to know a lil bit more about her. You will find her awesome blog site which she shared at the end of her post. So make sure to read until the end!  Watch out for more guest bloggers and my own post about my Valentine's date night outfit! Stay tuned lovies!

And remember: You don't need to be a model to walk the runway. You are the runway! All you need is confidence and a killer outfit to strut a mile in some stylish shoes!

Lei B!

My all time, all season adorable thing is Polka dots! They are simple creation with so much of cuteness. Whenever I see polka dots I can't resist .Even if I try to resist, later on it haunts me and I end up buying the very next day. I tried to pair the shirt with a very classy & muted color shoes, which gave an edgy look. The truth about the shoes is, I can’t wear it for more than 5-10 minutes. The reason is, these are really tall for me and I don't like to get high on heels. But, when I wore it with this outfit I felt that it is giving that finished look.

Moreover, I didn't want to go for something too contrasting so I chose these look-at-it-without-the-sunglasses (not so flashy) colored but ooh-aah-ouch (uncomfortable) shoes which turned out perfect. I combined the shirt with short light gray racerback cami to just give a hint of lace under the shirt. I have no doubt that lace adds that delicateness to the look. When I bought these off white pair of jeans it was funny because it wasn't even in my shopping cart. It was a trap set by the Goddess of shopping for me where I was compelled by the unseen forces to take this jeans to just try some shirts with it as I was wearing a dress. But after everything was over, I started loving it and fell into the trap so hard that it still hurts my pocket. I am totally obsessed with nail extensions. Simple french style nails are my favourite ones which doesn't need anything else and gives the effortless clean look. Whenever I am on vacation or I don't have to do much work, I make sure I am getting my nails done just to get that holiday feeling.

Brown colored small bags have always been trendy due to the advantage of it’s neutral color which can be paired with variety of colors of the clothes. The size of bag was easier to carry around for a person like me who is very resistant to uncomfortable bags and can't carry a bag just for the sake of its cuteness. I believe the confidence of carrying any look comes from the ease of managing the entire look.

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