From Petitesole to "Petite Lifestyle"

A diary about life and style by Lei Boucher

This is such a big move for me. I started my blogging journey a year ago and I was mainly talking about my love for shoes and how I style them. However, I felt like I wasn't really sharing something about my life or anything you guys don't already know about. I don't really know what I am good at as funny as that sounds, it's true! I'm like an ordinary human being who is perfectly imperfect and most of the time confused about things that's going on around me haha!!! In this transition to my blogging journey, I'd like to share my life and experience with you guys so please feel free to submit your questions for me. Anything you want to know about me and I will compile all of your questions and answer them on my next post! 

So since in my previous post I mentioned about our family vacation, let's start with that. But first let me share with you what works for us. Every year we do plan a family annual vacation. Whether it's domestic or international, lone weekend or 3 weeks long, it has to be planned accordingly. Now let me tell you, I am not good with planning. So my husband and I brainstorm so we can plan our day to day activities. This actually saves us a ton of time and we make the most of our vacation. We make a calendar! This year we were really busy working on the house as y'all may know by now, we can't afford to hire people to do the job so we do it ourselves. With that being said, we stayed local on a long labor day weekend. Mike did a 4x40 week at work so he can have the Friday off until Monday for our vacation. On the first day we went Funtown Splash Town. The kids had so much fun that they're requesting to go back next summer. We grabbed lunch at a local restaurant and the food was one of the best I've ever had.


Then we checked in at our hotel for the night and we went to the Portland light house in the afternoon. I love light houses.  I love seeing them, I love the idea of it. Lightships originated in the early 17th century, arising from the need to establish seamarks in positions where lighthouses were at that time impracticable. The first lightship, established in 1732 at Nore Sand in the Thames estuary, was rapidly followed by others. Amazing how they spread like a wild fire over the years. 


Our second day we went to the outlets in North Conway for back to school shopping since Nathan outgrew his clothes. It was nice out that day and it was kinda laid back because we didn't get out of bed until like 8:30, ahhhh it feels so good to get some sleep ya know. Overall, it was still a productive day. 

The third day I think was the highlight of our long weekend vacation. We drove to Mount Washington. Mike has been wanting to do this since forever and I was scared but we finally did it. At some point in life, we have to face our fears because you know, YOLO!!! So while driving in to these narrow roads, my heart beats so fast because I was so nervous. The fog at 5000ft was amazing at the same time scary because it's like driving in the dark where you can't see nothing but fog. Then it started to rain and that's when we know we're at the top at 7000ft. We tried to brave the strong winds of probably about 180-200 mph. It was freezing cold! We had the kids so it was harder to get to the very top to see the museum. I was holding Nathan, Mike was carrying Sophia and our noses and cheeks were red, and we're cold even with our winter jackets on. As soon as Nathan and I got blown a little bit by the strong winds, Mike decided to turn around. Yup! We didn't make it to the museum but we still made it to the top. Just not the very tip of the mountain. It was an adventure and fun family time. At least we can say we did it! We survived the strong winds!!! 


Well I feel like this is getting too long now. I will share our second long weekend vacation with you guys next time. #Butfirst I will share my NYFW experience on my next post. 

I'd like to thank you all lovies for your continuous support and love you showed me over the past year. I will do my best to share as much as I can. In this new chapter of my blogging journey, I'd like to share things about the struggles and challenges of being a mom, an immigrant, etc... So I hope you will still stay with me and continue to support me. Thank you very much lovies!!!! Please leave your questions for me in the comments section below or email me or DM me on Instagram! Love you all!!! Talk soon!!!

Remember: You are never too old or too small to reach for the Stars!!!