NYFW experience Featuring #Maarkah show!

Hey lovies!!! I hope this post will find you all well. I am here once again to share my fantastic experience in New York City for the NYFW! I shared some live streaming and IG stories in my Instagram page. OMG! You guys I don't even know where to start with this story. It was such a great experience. Watching a live professional fashion show was such an amazing feeling. I really have so much respect for Fashion Designers and models. I appreciate their work a million times!!! I can't wait to go back in February for another amazing show! 

Of course the fun won't be complete without meeting some of the amazing bloggers I have been talking to and became friends with through Instagram. Dana of @danastargazertruitt and I spent a lot of time together during these days. She has been my IG bff since day one we met. This lady is just unbelievably an amazing person, very supportive, and caring. She never let me down. We went to see and walk the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and more. I wish we had more time so we can explore more places! But we will next time. We've met with Jessica of @a_jess_state_of_mind, Joanna of @love2bcouture, and Melissa of @melissadvale. You guys, these ladies are all amazing people. I enjoyed the brunch and drinks and chats! I am so happy that I got to know them. It's always great to have friends with the same interest and it can only get better because we support each other. 

I truly appreciate life, my experiences, and what I learn and I love sharing it with you guys, not in a bragging attitude but I in a genuinely humble attitude, to be experiencing things that were once just a dream. It might be quite simple for others but for me it's a big deal because I used to just dream about blogging, traveling, and doing what I do now. And it all came to reality. It goes to show that if you work hard, you will see the fruits of your labor come to life and the only thing you can do is to be grateful and keep your feet on the ground. I am humbled and I feel so blessed to have been in this industry and I continue to grow and learn and share with you guys. I am also kinda mentoring some aspiring bloggers who were inspired with what I do. If you want to be a Blogger, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to share my thoughts and what I've learned free of charge. So that's it for now and I will see you guys on my next post. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what do you want to see me post next and also feel free to ask what you want to know about me. Tudalou!!! 

Remember: You are never too old or too small to reach for the Stars!!!