The benefit of having a sibling!

A benefit of having a sibling is that there is someone to help you reach your goals. 

Today we went to Apple Crest in Hampton Falls. This is Sophia's first apple picking experience. She is such a happy and goofy kid. She's actually very easy going and super friendly. We picked apples, we did the hay ride story book, we saw some characters from the famous bedtime stories we read to our kids, we ate, we saw different size pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, etc. It was a really beautiful family fun day. We had so much fun!!! We don't go out often due to our busy schedule but when we do, we make sure we make the most out of it so it will be memorable as the last one or better. While I was watching Nathan and Sophia pick apples, I can't help but be grateful and smile upon seeing their excitement.

And this melted my heart! Then I realized that "one great benefit of having a sibling is knowing that someone always have your back 😍" #siblinggoals

Watching my kids playing together and cuddle on the couch with us when we have a movie night, helping each other, sharing and taking turns, sometimes they fight but they kiss and makeup right away, I can't help but be grateful for their life. These two little sweethearts has taught me a lot of things in life since I gave birth to them than what I've learned in 37 years of my existence. I love watching them grow. I love our good mornings and goodnights. I love our hellos but not our goodbyes lol! I love US! This is US! And this is our happily ever after! 

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