Holiday DIY gift ideas and a Surprise! Scroll down!!!

Hello! Hello my lovies!!! It's officially December and here I am at 2:03 in the morning of 12/01/2017, wondering where did 2016 go?!!! Time flies so fast, I can't even keep up mother earth!!! Anyways, did I ever tell you that I did not grow up with a gift giving tradition on Christmas with my family? All we do is have a nice dinner on Christmas Eve and then in the morning greet each other a Merry Christmas and off we go to wherever we planned on going that day. In the Philippines, on Christmas day, I believe the malls are open. So we can either go see a movie, or eat out, or hang out with friends at the amusement center or go to a karaoke bar! I usually spend Christmas at my friend's after spending the morning with my family. I am just giving you a little bit of background to let you know why I really don't have holiday gift ideas lol! I only started this tradition when I met Mike in 2012. Since then, when that time of the year is approaching, he always bug me to make a Christmas list and I am completely clueless every single year. I always tell him that I'd rather give than receive and he always tell me that his family would also love to give me something. He is right. If I have the opportunity to give, then they want that too. 

I am sure that you probably have a lot of ideas for holiday gifts and list within your family. However, this DIY is actually a great Christmas gift as well for your friends who doesn't really give out their Christmas list because, oh well... you know what I mean. This DIY is not only affordable, but since it's personalized it makes it extra special. You put your time, your effort, your creative ideas and these are always appreciated! I know I appreciate personalized gifts, I love them! So here are the materials you will need:

1. Empty beer, wine, soda, or any bottle, any size.

2. Burlap, Ribbon, or yarn

3. Scissors and glue gun with glue stick

4. Fake flowers, fake plants, or anything you'd like to add on the bottle as the accent.

5. Music while crafting your masterpiece.

6. Lastly, and the most important, TIME!

It's really pretty easy to make these. Glue the material on the bottle to wrap it around, you can also paint them if you prefer. You can add fake flowers, or choose a word that you'd like to put on it. You can put fake flowers/plants and make it a vase or wine cork or bottle cap. I chose the word LOVE not only because Nathan picked it but also because that is the main language in our home. I actually plan on making more of these as Christmas gifts to my friends since they all loved it when I showed it to them. So now, it's your turn to see them and here you go!

If you have some DIY ideas for home decor, please please let me know in the comments below. You can link a blog post about it or a video. I really want to do more crafting. I'm telling you, I have so much respect for crafters and their creativity! I also kinda find it to be stress reliever :) This is also something you and your family can do together or even with your girl friends on a day out while sipping wine (don't get drunk though) Trust me, it's so much fun! That's it for today lovies! Happy 1st day of December!!! Talk to you later :)

Remember: You are never too old or too small to reach the stars!


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