A woman's hair is her crown of glory!

Us Asians are probably known for having shiny and beautiful healthy hair. However, that's not necessarily true for all of us. Let me give you a back story. When I lived in the Philippines, my hair always dries out in the summer. It gets damaged with split ends due to the very hot and humid weather. I tried every products that says it helps protect the hair from breaking and causing split ends, blah blah blah! I even tried organic ones and none of them really worked to my benefit. We only have two seasons in the Philippines, rainy season aka hurricane and flooding and summer which is 6 months out of the year. So can you imagine how dry my hair was during those 6 months? I remember I always just leave it down and when I get to school, my teacher is ready to chop off my hair because it's all over the place! It really needed a lot of TLC. So I decided to get what we call "rebond" and it worked out for a year and then you have to do it again after. But all that chemicals can actually damage your hair too so I decided to stop. Now during the cold or rainy season, my hair is perfectly fine and tamed. When I moved to the United States, it was winter so my hair was so shiny, and I get a lot of compliments with it. I tend to get shy when someone compliments me because I'm not used to it hahaha 😂😂😂. I don't like the attention to be honest. Why am I blogging? Well this I love. I love to share what I know and have experience especially when I know it will help, learn, and benefit others from it. Anyways, in the summer I still get the same problem, but not as severe. I don't wash my hair everyday because it also tends to get dry or when I use my curling iron or blow dryer too much. Now you all (if you've been following me) know that I am a sucker for argan oil. If you just followed me recently, then now you know! 😉 There's so many products out there that has this ingredient but guess what, there's only one that really worked for my hair. Remember this brand?

2017-11-04 05.09.58 2.jpg

I posted about these products a few months ago and I shared the results in my Instagram stories. I also posted a video review on my IG page. I just ran out of the conditioner actually. I need to grab another bottle at Costco. I could honestly say that they are the best I've ever used for my hair. The active ingredient is argan oil. I love the smell, I love the feel, and I don't get a lot of falling hair. Now they came out with a primer and Oh my gosh! I am obsessed! I sprayed the primer on my hair, brushed it, and I was surprised that it even took care of the fly aways! I love the smell, and the way my hair feels so light, shiny, smooth, beautiful and looking so healthy. This baby will always be in my hair care routine from now on! 

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2017-11-04 04.40.16 2.jpg
2017-11-04 04.39.57 2.jpg

So what are you waiting for? Don't just sit there, leave a comment now and go to Costco to grab yours!!! I love you all lovies!!! Have fun and enjoy your weekend. See you on my next post!!! 😉 

Remember: you are never too old or too small to reach the stars! 

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