What we wear on our family Christmas photos?

We've made it a tradition to have our "putting up the Christmas tree" photos done in our most comfy matching pj's. Last year, we wore plaid pj's from Gap/Gap kids. In 2012, when Mike and I were just dating, he wanted to get me onesies so bad for Christmas but I wasn't comfortable about the idea because I feel awkward about it. I mean c'mon, we just started dating and still getting to know each other even though we've basically lived together from the very first day we went out to date. I still have some kind of reservation during the time. This year however was wayyyy different. Surprisingly, I was the one who actually ordered these matching onesie and our friends and family loves them. They all think these are so cute and they even asked me where I got them. I got them from Macy's. I'm telling you, these are so comfortable, super soft, and they keep us warm. The best part is, they're made in the Philippines. Don't get me wrong, I love stuff made in the US too of course. I personally loved them so much that I told my husband, I'd probably get more onesies for myself. Of course he then said, "I knew you're gonna love 'em" Dang, why is he always right?! Like I don't make a decision without consulting with him first even though I'm older than him, he's just so matured for his age. Anyways, here are a few of our favorite photos. I let the kids and the hubby picked their personal favorites to show you guys! I hope we inspired you to wear onesie pj's. They're absolutely not awkward, they're super warm and comfy! Get yours now and show us some photos of you guys. Share your social media in the comment below where you posted it so we can go and show you some love too!

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