Not Your Typical Father's Day Gift

Hello lovies! This might be a very unusual blog post for y'all since I am not the main topic here. I am so excited to introduce the man behind the camera for most of my IG photos. The man who has been very supportive of me with every endeavor I try to pursue in my life. The man of my dreams, the father of my children, my husband Mike. But first I'd like to thank Jord Wood Watches on behalf of Mike, for sponsoring this post. When I first saw the Jord wood watch, I knew I want one for me and for him. And that is why I am so excited to collaborate with them and share with you lovies how much we love these watches. Aside from it being stylish, light, and trendy, they have a high quality finish. We get a lot of compliment and people always ask, where did we get them because they want one too! 

Anyways that's just a back story. So here we go! Time! Time is super important to me personally (I'm sure it is for you too). Growing up, we never really had a family time. Opposite to my husband's family, they spent a lot of time together being in the drag racing business. They traveled around the country during the summer for his dad to go racing and turn their trips into a mini vacation. They go to amusement parks, water parks, camping, etc. He enjoyed his childhood and he wants to pass it on to our family, to our children. He wants to continue with drag racing and get the kids into it as well. My husband is a very hard worker (he got it from his dad and papa). Sometimes I need to remind him to take time to relax. Not that he doesn't spend time with us. In fact, when he gets home from work, he never waste his time, he play with the kids, he cuddle with me on the couch and the kids will come cuddle with us. Then, he will make dinner. Yes you read that right! I don't cook, well I do but not often. We help each other in the kitchen especially when we have a new recipe we want to try. But for the most part, he does cook dinner for us. In this very busy life, we all need time to stop, breathe, and reflect. Sometimes it's hard to stop because let's be real, we have bills to pay! Life is not all cupcakes and rainbows like Branch (Trolls) said. But we need to find balance. We don't have time because it just happens, we make the time for the things that matters to us the most. Juggling your time between work, family, yourself, friends, and everything that matters to you could be tough but a pat on the back sometimes is big relief to remind us to take the time to stop and breathe. 

I am so proud to say that my husband has sprung in to a wonderful father. He is very hands on with our kids. He's up all night with them when they were babies, he takes care of them when they are sick, he takes them when they want to play outside, he also remind me to stop and relax, he gives me a break from the kids too. Being a stay at home mom, sometimes it could also get exhausting. We truly believe we're a great a team. I feel blessed just to know that we have mutual respect for each other and time. For us there's a time for everything. A time to laugh, cry, play, pray, we also have time to argue haha! but we kiss and make up right away! 

Who's always been the first to rush to your side when you need help? Dad. Who's the last one to think of himself? Dad again. Thank the man who has always been #1 in your life by straying from the standard Father's Day gift and giving the luxury of a Jord Watch! This coming Father's day, let us give our dads (your dad, your children's dad, your grandpa) a break. Give them something to remind them of time, and whenever they look at time, they will be reminded of you and smile.

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Advance Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads in the world!!!