It's been a while! Our milestone this year: Our House!!!

Hello lovies!!!! I know, I know. It's been a while since the last time I posted a blog. I'm so sorry I've been MIA! I have been talking about our journey during our house hunting and all the process until we finally found the house for us in my Instagram posts so hopefully you're at least a wee bit updated about my life! We bought the house in April and closed the purchase in May and we started working on changing some things to make it more personal and a home for us. We changed the carpets to wood floors, the bathroom toilet and vanities, the wall paint in each rooms, and we are not even close to being done but I will share some before and after photos. Good thing all that's left is just painting the hallway, dining room, our 400 sqft living room needs to be painted and change the carpets to wood floors as well, the kids bathroom, the half bath downstairs, and then I can decorate. Go figure! But hey it will be done in no time! Just kidding!!! It's actually a lot more work to get done and it's overwhelming but at least I try to stay positive in every way I can! Anyways, here's some before and after photos in the upstairs. Kudos to my husband who's very handy and he did most of the job which saved us a lot of cha-ching $$$. My in-laws, our friends Kerrie and Gary, and my husbands co-workers Mario and Art lent us a hand or two as well so it helped us a lot! As you can see it's still a work in progress. I'll keep you updated as we make progress. I just got some of the decor signs I've ordered online today from Niki Carpenter of @carpenterfarmhouse on Instagram and I'm really excited to check them out. Definitely check her out guys, she's very talented and I love her home decor! 

Since we've started working on our house, we haven't been able to go on our annual family vacation due to the time sensitive work we needed to get done. We had to move in to our house before August 29th because that was Nathan's first day of school in first grade. But we will never say goodbye to summer without doing something fun even if it means it's just a long weekend a.k.a labor day weekend! Due to some restrictions, we preferred to stay local within driving distance. We normally travel across the country or international every year but not this year and that's ok! I will be sharing our long weekend trip to Saco, ME and Gorham, NH on my next blog so stay tuned! Hint: have you been to Mount Washington? Yes that's about my next post!!!

PS: I also have some exciting news so double stay tuned!!!

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