Wanted Travel Buddy!

Wanted travel buddy/buddies!!! I used to travel for work and I loved it. I love meeting people, trying local food, learning about history and culture. I mean who doesn't? But that job of mine only lasted a year because I met someone and that someone is my husband. Anyways, that's a different story. So let's talk about traveling. I mentioned in one of my blog posts before that my ultimate dream in life is to travel and get paid for it. I want to see the world, meet people, live my life! However, God has a better plan for me. I got married, I have two kids and now I am a stay at home mom/blogger. My husband know very well that I love traveling. We didn't really get to travel a lot together. I was going through divorce and I already had Nathan before I met Mike so we didn't get that chance that other couples have had. We've only got to travel together for a little bit before we started traveling as a family. So how and when did my solo travel start?

In 2014, I got laid off from work because our branch is one of the 5 bank branches that were shutting down, and although I got offered to work with another branch, my husband and I decided for me to stay home instead because just found out we were pregnant during that time and we didn't really like the idea of putting our kids in the day care and spend basically my whole month of paycheck to pay for them, so our decision just made sense. In 2015, I started to practice my photography skills and I started my photography business in early 2016. That's when I had my first solo trip to Atlanta for a photography workshop. It was the first time I have been away from my family for 3 days (weekend) and I missed them so badly. It was considered a business trip/pleasure. I had fun and I told my husband how I would love to be able to do it again. Although I miss them, I peek on our home camera so I can see them and have a video call with them. So we agreed to it and it turned out to be like my annual break and me time! After Atlanta, my next solo trip was in Las Vegas. Again for photography workshop and pleasure. Then I went to my first (click to see photos) NYFW in September 2017 and met Dana of @danastargazertruitt for the first time with her husband Rob. So I got the idea of taking Mike to NYFW the second time we went so I did have him go with me in February 2018. We drove and had a little "couple time" together and had so much fun! 

My next solo trip this year have been in my bucket list since forever and I am super excited to finally check this off of the list. I am going to....Paris in May for a week!!! (whoop whoop!!!) This is going to be my first international trip without my family and the longest I will be away from them ( of course I wish they come with me but Mike doesn't have PTO left and Nathan still have school. We have an annual family trip and I posted about them too). This time, it's not about business trip at all (I gave up my photography business shortly after my Vegas trip that's another story).  I am going to be reunited with my friends and they're like my second family. It's our mom's 70th bday celebration and we will all be meeting up in Paris. Some of them are coming from the Philippines, UK, Australia, and I am coming from here in New England. I told my friend about my trip and asked her if she would like to tag along and she said yes, she told her husband and he said ok. How lucky are we to have a husband like we do? So I found my first international travel buddy. It is going to be so much fun. I will definitely share photos with you guys! 


Las Vegas desert



Las Vegas



Sin City

Las Vegas!

My 2019 solo trip will probably be California. I've been wanting to visit the Golden gate and one of my to do list is to drive on that bridge. Pretty lame but that has been in my bucket list since high school when I was in the Philippines and saw a movie filmed there. Hey I gotta check off these things in my bucket list so... If you are looking for a travel buddy, please let me know. Reach out to me, email me, dm me on Instagram. I'd love to get to know you and maybe one day, be your travel buddy! And remember you are never too small or too old to reach for the stars. 

P.S: I apologize for not having photos from the Atlanta trip. I switched laptops and I think I accidentally deleted the photos :/ ugghhh! Big mistake to not have a back up! But hey, it's ok to make mistakes because at least we learn from it and we know what to do next time ayt? 


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