My Cousin, my brother, and I: Reunited through JoKoy! Read to the end for a surprise!

I heard of JoKoy before but I haven't really watched him perform. My cousin from Upstate NY texted me and she told me about him. So I looked him up and watched one episode on Nextflix. Needless to say, my cousin got me to say yes to seeing him in his Boston show. So she went ahead and bought the tickets and drove 6 hrs from her place to mine. Funny story, my cousin left NY at 8:30 pm so she arrived here in NH at 3am. I was waiting on her until 15 minutes before she arrived my melatonin in my body started to kick in and I fell asleep. I completely forgot to turn the lights on outside so it was pitch black and since this is her first time coming to my house since we moved, she didn't have a clue if she was at the right house. She called me and I didn't even hear my phone rang so she left me hilarious message!!! I saved it so when I'm sad I could just listen to it and have a good laugh. Anyways, my brother on the other hand for some reason thought that my cousin is not coming until 7am. He is a night owl so he was still up and he saw the lights outside from his window (from my cousin's car) and he ignored it. He was watching a movie from his laptop with headphones on. As soon as he took his headphones off he heard the doorbell ring. He has no clue who's ringing the bell at 3am? So he went downstairs, not turning the lights on nonetheless, a little freaked out I guess. My cousin saw him from the side panel glass of our door and she screamed silently and called his name. And then, finally I woke up. My cousin was outside for about 15-30 minutes trying to get a hold of me while she was so freaked out but still laughing about it. I went downstairs and I was like OMG! I'm so sorry I fell asleep. And we just started laughing about my negligence to turn the lights on for her. It's embarrassing yet hilarious, and creepy all at the same time haha! Anyways, even if it's just a short time, we had so much fun at the JoKoy show, grabbed some food and drinks, had lunch the next day before she head out to NY. If you haven't seen JoKoy, or heard about him, I will give you the same advice my cousin gave me. I am not going to take the spotlight from him (because I really can't lol) so please go look him up on Netflix. I think he's hilarious. So please go check him out! You're welcome!

By the way, this was also her and my brother's first time seeing each other after 29 years. My brother is just here visiting and he's going back to the Philippines next month. That's why my cousin was planning on coming back here with her family to spend more time before my brother leave. I will leave the lights on this time so don't worry!!! 

Family is everything and making memories with them is the best thing in the world ever!!! When was the last time you had a selfie with people that matters the most to you? 

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The Wilbur

JoKoy show!


At The Wilbur 

JoKoy show!


grabbed a late night breakfast


iHop baby!


Reunited after 29 years!

My brother and my cousin. Her and I had reunited in 2011.


Seafood for lunch

@ Markey's!


We started recreating the top left photo 

since 2016...and counting!!!


I can't believe my Aunt still have this!

I was 6 and she was 4!

We hope to be able to recreate these memories countless times! It's always great to be reunited with my cousin. I adore her humility no matter how far she's come and how great of a woman, wife, and mother, she has become. She inspires me a lot to stay humble no matter what. Be kind no matter what. Live. Laugh. Love!





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