My Paris trip 2018 experience! The Culture shock!!!

I have always loved the idea of going to Paris since high school. I don't even remember the countless times I saw the Eiffel Tower on T.V, movies, photos uploaded by millions of people who had been there, not to mention the "lovers". People we know who proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower, very romantic isn't?! Friends and family who were reunited and took a snap of photos and made memories in this beautiful City, my most recent experience. The Eiffel Tower is so popular that we have our own version of it in Las Vegas, and in the Philippines. It's insane!!! I mean every houses I came to visit, they either have a carpet with the Eiffel Tower on it, or painting, or a photo frame, etc. This is why I was fascinated in this City that I added it to my bucket list. I didn't think I was going to check it off this soon because Mike and I talked about going in 2020 for my 40th bday.


Making memories 

with my travel buddy and friend, Dana with our tour guide and friend Ramil. 


Paris at night!

The city of lights


However, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason in its perfect time. So I take it this the perfect time for me to go there. Why?

1. I was reunited to the family who took me in like their own. They mentored me and helped mold my character in my spiritual journey. This family is very close and dear to my heart. I have learned a lot of things and most of all, I have learned to value and love my family. They are a great example of this. Life for them is very simple yet happy. They didn't have much growing up but now they are blessed because they have blessed many people around them and I was one of those many. No matter how much they have, they still are the same people I met a few decades ago. Very down to Earth! Very generous, hospitable, and caring. 


My original mentor!

In the middle is my mentor Edna Amora and on the left is my friend Dana!

2. I was able to be a part of my adopted "mom's" 70th bday celebration. She's probably one of the most hospitable person I've known in my existence. She was basically raised in the kitchen and she loves to cook, and it's super yummy! It makes her happy to feed people. She's such a great inspiration of faith too! She was so happy to see all the people that matters to her the most who celebrated her 70 years of a happy life!


My adopted mom's

70th birthday :)


3. I got to see their children now that they're all grown up. I am sure they will remember me now. They were so little the last time I saw them so they don't even remember who I was in the life of their moms, aunts, uncle, and lola (Grandma in Tagalog - Philippines National language). 

Anyways, so much for the back story, I got to explore the City of lights. We went to the Eiffel Tower, did the Bateu Mouche boat ride, The Louve, Moulin Rouge, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysées, Sacré Coeur, Montmartre, Tuileries Garden, and Notre-Dame de Paris. We also got to dine at the Mariette. It's a very small family restaurant where you dine on a surprise course freshly made by the Chef, served by his wife and explained how the food was prepared and where it was from. It was a 3 hour fine dining experience and it was so worth the price. Next time I go back to Paris, I will sure take my husband there. The ambiance is very quiet and relaxing, away from the city noise, and it's very serene, and for me, really romantic. I love to sit down and just chat with my husband over a drink after a long day. It just makes me feel so much better. As for the culture shock, I am not the rush hour kind of person. I am more of laid back and relax type. So commuting on trains and subway is something very challenging for me yet I felt so accomplished that I survived the week lol! Everything in Paris is small, the table space at the restaurants, the apartments, yet it's very expensive. People drives a lot of compact cars and park on the curb like bumper to bumper. I find it really hilarious though! We also have a lot of funny experience like taking the last trip train on our pj's! Yes that wasn't a typo! Ahhhhh what a very unforgettable experience!

Of course it wouldn't be complete without eating the famous escargot!!!


Must try!



It's good!'s not horrible especially with wine or in my case, mojito lol!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my trip! Also, my amazing blogger friends and I have a great giveaway for y'all! Check my giveaways page!

And remember you are never too old or too short to reach for the stars!