How I am beating Melasma? Skin Care routine and IPL treatment

As many of you know, I was born and raised in the Philippines. It is a very hot and humid country. We only have 2 seasons there, summer and rainy season a.k.a typhoons and flooding season. Growing up I didn't really care about skin care. I barely used anything on my face. I wasn't even using sunscreen. I just wash my face with whatever soap I can find on the sink and warm water. But when I moved here in the US, I started watching some YouTube gurus doing make up (properly), skincare etc. I still didn't really care about my skin care routine, still just soap and water. It's so bizarre because I have honestly just noticed the dark spots on my face like maybe 5 or 6 months ago and started getting conscious about it. When you become so conscious about something on your skin, you are slowly getting insecure and losing some confidence that you used to have. That's exactly what happened to me.

I have been doing my research and there were so many recommendations out there. But we have different skin type. What works for others may not work for me and vise versa. I thought maybe I can use some skin care products that will help lighten these dark spots on my face. So I grabbed a skin care kit from Mario Badescu, the brightening kit. I was using the facial wash, toner, vitamin C oil, brightening mask, and moisturizer. I noticed my skin was peeling and getting really dry and when I apply moisturizer, I feel the burning and tingling sensation on my face. So I stopped the routine after doing it for a week. So to cover up the peeling skin around my nose, forehead, and mouth area, I minimized the products I was using down to just a facial foaming wash, toner, hydrating spray, sunscreen, and moisturizer. 


My skin care routine


One night, our photographer and I were chatting and I asked her if she can edit my dark spot on the photos, she said she really can't see them because I was wearing make up and obviously I concealed them but because I know I have them, I had to make sure they won't be visible on the photos. She then told me about Seacoast Rejuvenation where she gets her facial done. I sent her a photo of me without make up. Little did I know that she was working as a dermatologist assistant nurse. She works at a Derma clinic. She told me that the dark spots on my face were Melasma. This is due to pregnancy (hormonal changes), aging, intensive sun exposure that builds up over the years. She recommended the place where she go. The next day I called them up and scheduled a consultation which led me to actually doing my first treatment session. Darci and Miranda were so pleasant to work with. So I came in with my husband (Yes Mike went with me because we always make decisions together), had the consultation, different types of procedures laid out to us and what is the best way or treatment I would need. I am glad it was just spot treatment. I told Darci she's the expert and so I will leave it up to her. She recommended the IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) and she explained to me how it works, how it's going to feel like, and the aftermath. So that same day Mike and I decided to go for the first treatment. I am also glad that I do not have to change my skin care routine. Just keep doing what I am currently doing now. Oh and I told her about the peeling and drying skin and how I simplified my skin care routine to what I mentioned above and she said just keep doing that and always wear sunscreen. Now the fun part of this experience, let's talk about the IPL and how it feels like. Have you ever felt the snap of an elastic rubber band? That's how it feels like and I jumped each time the IPL snapped the spots and Miranda told me to hold her hand and I was holding her so tight hahaha! I felt so comforted though. You guys know my pain tolerance is like 1%. Mike was also in the room and they had to wear really dark eye glasses because the light was really intensive. They put some gel on the spots to kinda numb it so I won't feel the extreme pain, eye masks to cover my eyes from the light. It was intense though because I can still see the light even with my eyes closed and covered. After the IPL was done, Darci massaged my face and spread the gel because they said it was actually good for the skin. I felt the tingling sensation and I immediately saw the dark spots turned dark which she had explained during the consultation so it's as expected. She said it will get darker and it will fall out on its own so don't scrape it off. And it did, It was so cool!



me ready!



prepping the IPL. I was super nervous!!!


First snap!

I jumped hahaha!!!



held my hand! She's so sweet!

I have since noticed the changes on my skin, and how it's actually getting brighter. I think it's the combination of my skin care routine and the IPL treatment. I will have 2 or 3 more IPL spot treatment and I really hope it will be over after that and I'd say goodbye to these melasma forever! Stay tuned for the results. I will write another post after the treatment is all done to update you guys. That's it for today and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for spending time to read my skin care journey and how I am beating melasma and kicking it on the face! I am taking my confidence back! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. See you on my next post! Enjoy your summer and don't forget to wear sunscreen all the time! Trust me, it makes such a huge difference! 

And remember you are never too old or too small to reach the stars!