Why it's very important to reach out?

While driving to a birthday party last weekend, Mike and I were talking about the amount of suicide news we've heard and how sad we are about it. It is so sad to know that behind the smile of someone, is a hurting person inside. We do not know what people are going through yet it is so easy and quick for us to judge. In these digital days, we see our old friends, new friends, even our best friends posting how happy they are in the life they chose to have on their social media. But is it really the truth? We see the happy posts, we show our fun activities and adventures to the world. How about when you are alone, all by yourself, what do you see in the mirror? What persona are you hiding? Are you really happy? Do you think your friends are really happy? Most of the time we are so good at hiding our emotions, good at pretending that everything is ok! Then all of a sudden we hear a heartbreaking news, they're gone, they're not together anymore, he/she committed suicide and left a note, etc.


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to each other... though sometimes we don't think we do, but we do!

I know this because I have been through it. I made a choice to marry someone I didn't really know very well. It was good at first and I managed to pretend to be happy even though I was dying inside. I gradually lost my self-esteem, my confidence, I felt so depressed and I beat myself up for making the choices I've made to the point of attempting to take my life. None of my friends reached out to me to ask "How are you?" No one had a clue of what I have been going through but my mom who was with me at the time. Until one day, we decided to end our marriage since we both know it's never going to work. Although I went through tough times, I still have no regrets because I always trusted that God has a plan for me and that everything works together for good. I can't take my life because I have a reverential fear of the Lord that helped me get through all of it. I went on my knees and prayed for God's strength for me to overcome all the tests He gave me and turn them into a testimony. The greatest gift I had on my previous marriage was my son Nathan. And then, I met Mike. The rest is history! 


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As we go on on our conversation, I shared my thoughts with Mike about this. I really think these three mental illness plays a big role on why people take their life.

1. Depression - This is the number one killer if not managed properly. 

2. Drug overdose - A lot of people especially the young ones nowadays uses drugs to get away from the reality that the world we live in is not perfect. 

 3. Severe anxiety - This could lead to severe depression.

If you know someone suffering from these illness, please reach out to them. Reach out to friends, old and new, family members, relatives, anyone you know. It is very important to ask people how are they doing. Just let them know that someone cares for them. You never know the impact of these three little words "How are you?" to someone out there. You might just save a life! Or if you are experiencing any of these mental health problems, please do not hesitate to ask for help. It's ok to need help, it's ok not to be ok! Or if you have experienced and overcome it, please help others and share your experience and how did you overcome. As for me, I have a strong faith in God and I know that my prayers were heard. I know that God gave me the strength to get through it. Surrender was the key for me. I surrendered my life and my will to the Lord. I can say I am truly happy with my life right now but I can't say I am not experiencing anxiety anymore. Not because of my family but because of other things/people. And I am blessed to have my husband to listen to me and I to him. Let's start asking this "how are you?" question with our loved ones sitting next to us first, and then reach out to someone else you know. More importantly, make them feel comfortable to open up with you by giving them a no judgment zone



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 THANK GOD FOR THE GIFT OF FAMILY  Photo credit: Syndith Chase


Photo credit: Syndith Chase

There are also some helpful hotlines you can call or recommend to someone below:

D2L Revolution - 1.877.380.8574 ; CBN and The 700 Club 1-800-700-7000 

Together we can beat depression. We can do this! Reach out now before it's too late!