Time out!!!

Hiking is just one of our favorite activity as a family. I think many of you can relate to this. It's a very good exercise and it's just great to unplug for a couple of hours or a day to just be in the moment and have fun with the people you love the most. When we go hiking, I just use my phone for a few pictures (then I put my phone away) to share with our family group chat after we are done. Then of course to my blog, with you guys, and my other social media channels. Speaking of social media, in this time of digital days, many people especially the youth of today are glued to their phones. It's kinda hard to put it down sometimes and really listen to the person sitting right next to you while they are telling you stories about their day, or a movie/netflix show they watched, etc. We are also guilty of this (my husband and I) but we try to remind each other that ok we need to unplug so we can watch a movie at home, or just chat. I mean don't get me wrong, I love technology. I love that we can now communicate real time with friends and family from the other side of world, or from a distance, unlike back in the days when it was still snail mail, it takes weeks sometimes months to get the letter from your loved ones abroad. I know, I'm an 80's baby and I remember when my dad was working abroad and we write to him and we have to wait and wait patiently for him to respond. I remember my dad used to always send us a tape of his voice recorded message with a letter and it feels like he was with us. But in today's world, technology is so advance that for a regular person and not so techy like me, is kinda tough to keep up lol! Thank God my husband is a computer engineer so he comes in handy for all my technology needs. Who's lucky? I am lucky hahaha!!! Anyways, my point is technology, digital communications, it's all great! However, let us not forget that we live in a real world where we live with real people. We have online and virtual friends that we sometimes talk to more often than the ones next to us. We need to keep a balance with virtual world and real world. My husband and I play games online like Words with friends 2 and The Test while he's at work (he sneaks a time when it's his turn shhhhh...) but since he's really busy, it takes him forever to take his turn. But that's ok, I understand.

I really try my best to unplug when I'm with my family and just be with them in the moment. It feels great to walk and chat and laugh. My husband and I are big on communication. We speak our minds and what we feel, and we teach our children to communicate with us and be comfortable to tell us what they feel. That they can trust us with their secrets. I want to leave you with these most important to do list for a strong family bond:

1. Open and Honest Communication 

2. Everybody takes care of everybody (Love Language: Service)

3. Play together 

4. Support each other 

5. Work together 

6. Most importantly, SPEND TIME together!

These are the things we live by. We are by no means a perfect family, we don't have a perfect life, not even close. However, we want our kids to experience the best childhood we could give them. Make memories together for them to look back and say, "man, I have the best childhood ever!" 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and somehow inspired you to do better than you did yesterday. 

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