Wine tasting party! In collaboration with WINC.

Wine tasting is one of my favorite thing to do with friends. My girl friends and I said goodbye to summer 2018 on Monday! It was the best weather in the 80’s this week and the rest of this is week a little wet outside and nasty. I’m so glad we picked the perfect day to celebrate friendship and the fun stuff we’ve done this summer 2018, and what better way to end it than sharing a toast or two to finding some of the best wines in the world through WINC The best part about Winc is the wine being delivered right to your door! How cool is that? I don’t know about you but I am a mom of two active kids and the last thing I want to do is to take them with me to the wine store. Not saying that’s wrong, I am just saying I ain’t paying for the bottle/s of wine that they could possible break, makes sense? So having wine delivered to my door and I wouldn’t have to put make up on and drive to the store? YES Please! It is also super easy to place your first order.

All you need to do is Go to 

  • Answer a few questions about your taste in wine.

  • Let Winc find a few bottles you might like. 

  • Your first shipment comes with The Winc Journal – You’re A to Z guide on wine. 

  • And because I love you and I want you to enjoy your wine, I was able to get you a generous amount of discount. Ready for this? Use my promo code “Petitelifestyle_me” for $22 off your first box of wine, on top of the $5 first time buyer discount! HUGE savings!"

  • Everything will be sent right to your door. Another best part is, they are super affordable!


We had so much fun setting up our own wine party! We’ve opened another bottle because wine not right? Maybe we should do this again for Galentine’s Day :)

Anyways, I’d like to introduce my girl friends to you guys. I figured since you have been following me, I think I should also introduce these amazing women who are full of life and craziness! If there are “Crazy Rich Asians”, there’s also us. The Crazy just crazy Asians! I hope they don’t kill me because I’m about to throw them under the bus lol! Just kidding! I love these girls so much! Ok let’s do it!

Meet Dana! She’s got the loudest laugh of us all and it’s actually very contagious. She light up the room everywhere she goes! Great cook, great person. If you remember my trip to Paris, she was the one with me and my friends in Paris immediately fell in love with her personality. She’s got a big heart and super kind.


Meet Kelly The Host! She probably had the most visits at her house this summer because she’s the only one among us who’s got a pool lol! On a serious note, Kellie is super sweet, funny, and very likable person. She’s very easy to talk to and very down to earth.


Meet Krisha The Super Momma! A very hard working mom and to be honest, I don’t know how she does it. She’s a mom of three and she manage to work full time and take all three kids to playdate by herself. Krisha is also super sweet and friendly. Fun Fact: When she first came in the U.S. she knocked on every doors in their neighborhood to introduce herself in an attempt to make friends.


Meet Menchu The Baby! She’s the youngest of us all. Super funny, sweet, and is always on the go! Like she will go with us to the ends of the earth and be like “I’m ok with whatever and wherever you ladies want to go!”


Meet Bridget The Event Decorator! I met Bridget in 2012 and I can immediately tell that she’s very nice and friendly. I can’t say it enough but she’s super cool and funny. There is never a dull moment with this gal!

Last but not least is Miriam The Finesse, the calm one. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it because she had a job interview. But she was the one who went with me (our families) in Niagara Falls on labor day weekend. She makes the best “biko” (rice cake). Miriam is the one who stay calm when everyone around her is freaking out. Very likable person and very down to earth too.


And then there’s me! According to Kellie and some of my friends, I am “maarte” in a good way which also means “artistic”. Perfectionist. Making sure everything is in place and organized. In her own words she described me as “open minded in a sense that you are willing to accept suggestions”

Menchu says: You are passionate about your work. Because you love what you do, you have a steady source of motivation that drives you to do your best. And that’s why i can say that you are Passionate

Can I also just say my friends are so gorgeous, beautiful inside and out! We are all moms and I am so glad I met them and I know we got each other’s backs. I can say that our friendship is a judgment and drama free zone! We all want the same thing, these girls just wanna have fun!


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post about wine and friendship! I can honestly say with all my heart that I am so invested in our friendship and I want to keep them forever. Sure some of us had a few bumps along the way but I’m glad we chose to stick together, believe in each other, and rebuilt our trust. Cheers to more fun and travels in the future and a lifetime of friendship!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell me about your friends too!